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Blond Extensions

HAIR EXTENSIONS - these can be used to extend length, or to add volume
A consultation is necessary before any appointment can be made. We use human hair which is matched to blend in with your ownhair colour. Prices may vary according to the length required. A deposit is required before a booking is made. The following prices are charged by all stylists, include a cut and finish and are quoted as a guide. We only use high quality, responsibly sourced hair by Hairaisers. The cost of hair has risen dramatically recently due to demand. Therefore all our prices are a guide and are dependant on the length you require.

Temporary or Weekend Hair Extensions:
These are wefts of hair which we glue into your hair to add length or volume for a shorter time than individual extensions. They take less time to attach therefore they are much less expensive and they are much easier to remove. If you are very careful, you may keep them in place for up to 2 weeks. The wefts are approximately 3” wide and are glued very close to the roots of your hair. The colour range is more limited than with the individual extensions.

Prices are dependant on the length required, however as a guide price £100 attached & styled and for them to be removed, hair blowdried & re-attached from: £40

Clip-in Extensions:
A very temporary solution for added length or volume. Wefts of hair are fixed onto your hair by means of clips. Ideal for a day or an evening event. They have a tendancy to slide out of very fine & silky soft hair. However, they are more versatile for those wanting to do your own hair. They are a more limited colour range. Prices from £80 according to length required.


    Hair Extensions  
Full Head
From £575.00
Three Quarter Head
From £475.00
Half Head
From £350.00
  Frequently asked questions  
  Q. How long do hair extensions stay in my hair?  
  A. So long as you look after your extensions carefully they will last for 2-5 months according to how quickly your hair grows.
  Q. Will hair extensions damage my own hair?  
  A. No, the heat used in attaching the extension is similar to that used by heated styling tongs and is in contact with the hair
    for much less time. The solution used to remove the extensions is in contact with the hair for a short time and is not
    damaging to the hair.
  Q. Can I shampoo and style my hair with extensions as normal?
  A. You must take great care with your hair extensions however, if you follow these rules your hair will look fantastic.
    •Use good quality hair products (we can recommend them to you)
    •Careful brushing and combing - the biggest difference is that you cannot brush/comb your hair from the scalp: you must work
    from beyond the attachment.
    •Careful shampooing and conditioning.  
  Q. How much time does it take to attach a whole head of hair extensions?
  A. A whole head of extensions will take up to 8 hours including the cutting and styling.
  Q. Will the hair extensios match my own hair colour?
  A. We will match your hair colour as closely as possible.
  Q. I am interested in having hair extensions, what should I do next?
  A. Contact us to make an appointment for a free consultation where we will discuss your requirements. We will take a sample
    of your hair to do a colour match. In order to secure an appointment we will need a non-refundable deposit of £75.00
    24 hours notice of cancellation is required or a charge will be made