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Organic Care Systems is a range of shampoos, treatments and conditioners which use the latest natural and certified organic ingredients. These advanced formulations are effective on natural, coloured or highlighted hair and permed or straightened hair. Hair is composed of 83-87% protein, 3% moisture and a few trace elements. To keep hair healthy, these substances must be kept in balance. The Organic Care Systems range is capable of dealing with every hair type and is powerful enough to repair hair in a very short time-frame. Our stylists will analyse your hair to determine which care product range to use. No matter whether your hair is low in protein, moisture or both, Organic Care Systems products can return your hair back to a healthy state. The Organic Care Systems range is the perfect partner to Organic Colour Systems and Organic Curl Systems.

Jan Wolfenden, Style Director of Wolf’s Hair and Beauty salon in Uxbridge, chose Organic Care, Colour & Curl system in 2008. Always looking to improve products and services and aware that anything we put on our skin & scalp is absorbed into our bodies, Jan is very interested in the effects of potentially dangerous chemicals** and found Organic care systems had answers and solutions to her concerns. The manufacturers are UK owned and an independent company using some raw ingredients certified ‘Organic’ by the Soil Association; they have one primary objective which is to formulate and manufacture a range of high performance hair products, which are safer for clients to have applied, and for hairdressers to use, than traditional ammonia-based colours. Organics products maximise the use of gentle, nourishing, natural ingredients, whilst minimising the necessity for potentially harsh or damaging chemical** additives.

Organic care system comprises the following products: 

STATUS QUO: Shampoo & Conditioner:  For healthy, undamaged natural hair with a good balance of moisture and protein and to protect from UV damage formulated from certified organic extracts & organic oils.

AQUA BOOST: Shampoo, Conditioner & Treatment:  For naturally dry hair or hair which is dried from using Colour, Perms and/or heated utensils-straightners etc. Formulated from certified organic extracts & organic oils, vitamin  B5 and wheat protein to nourish your hair leaving it naturally moisturized, shiny & protected from UV damage & helps to reduce colour fade.

POWER BUILD: Shampoo, Conditioner & Treatment: For fine, limp, chemically treated or very badly heat damaged hair. Formulated from certified organic extracts & organic oils, natural sunflower oil, wheat protein & vitamin B5 it will add strength, smoothness & volume to your hair & protect from UV damage & helps to reduce colour fade.

REVAMP: A special treatment designed to strengthen hair leaving it full of volume & naturally restored. Formulated from certified organic extracts, wheat protein to strengthen & restore chemically damaged, weak or fine hair.

SCALP SENSATION: Formulated from certified organic fennel seed extract, certified organic aloe-vera extract certified organic chammomile extract & green seaweed extract to neutralized any hydrogen peroxide residues which will protect & soothe your scalp.

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